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  OpenEMR 2.8.0 Released
OpenEMR Posted by Rod Roark on Friday November 11, 2005 @ 10:11 PM
from the OpenEMR dept.

Today OpenEMR version 2.8.0 is released for download at the project's SourceForge site. Concurrently, a companion FreeB release 0.11 is available.

Improvements since the previous stable OpenEMR release (2.7.2) are:

  • Enhancements to access control
  • New utility to simplify setting up access control
  • Support for UB-92 claims
  • New feature allowing administrator to delete patients, encounters and issues, with detailed logging
  • New interface to the ReferCare referral management system
  • Several new encounter forms: Assessment Intake, Clinical Notes, Football (Soccer) Injury, Podiatry, Specialist Notes, Sports Fitness
  • New "modal" cascaded popup windows for improved user interfacing
  • Batch exporting of patient information
  • Interactive XML export of patient information
  • Improved user interface for selecting dates
  • Some corrections to the installation setup utility
  • New script for backup to CD
  • Added rendering provider information for claims
  • Configurable paper size and margins for prescriptions
  • Support for customizable billing code types
  • Various new features for use by sports teams
  • Option of showing appointment titles in the calendar display
  • Improved display and editing of medical problems and other patient issues
  • Improved tracking of payment responsibility
  • Enhancements to patient statements
  • Medical problems associated with an encounter may be selected when the encounter is created
  • Patients search by "lastname, firstname" is supported
  • Improved user interface for adding and editing appointments and other calendar events
  • New reports: Appointments, Appointments/Encounters Cross Reference, Insurance Allocation
  • Improved formatting for some reports
  • Improved display of a patient's list of encounters
  • Improved display of patient history
  • Ability to select a primary diagnosis for medical problems and other issues
  • Added invoice details to EOB posting form
  • Improved parsing of dates and telephone numbers
  • Many additions and improvements to installation instructions and other documentation
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes

In addition, new features in FreeB 0.11 (over 0.10) are:

  • UB-92 claims
  • Added rendering provider information
  • Added CPT modifiers to X12 claims
  • Checked in ConfigFile.pm 1.3 which is required but hard to find in the wild
  • Fixed problem with printing a separate HCFA per diagnosis
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Additional resources related to OpenEMR, including a demo installation, are available at www.oemr.org.

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