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Re: Editorial: RHIO's and the Illusion of Health I
by J. Marc Overhage on Tuesday December 20, @05:07AM
Its not that any particulary "system" uses Siemen's Invision just that there isn't anything "special" about a particular application being used in many sites across the country. I would be happy to be corrected but to my knowledge DATA from one VA medical center cannot flow to another VA medical center today. You can open a view into some data from another medical center but data does not move so in view they are not interoperable.

the reason I say zero probability is that there is no compelling reason for thousands and thousands or healthcare organizations to switch from their existing systems that they spent millions to purchase and implement at some risk to their organization. They are not going to change without compelling reasons and even if they decided to we don't have the manpower to implement a different system nationwide.

Maybe I misunderstood your point but I thought you were suggesting that everyone in healthcare adopt the same interface and I was asking why that would happen in healthcare when it hasn't happenedin these much less complicated service industries.
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