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Re: Corporation Crushes Working FOSS EMR
by John Norris on Friday May 26, @04:45AM
This might be too simple an understanding but:
  • The new (corporate) folks want printed files.
  • The new (corporate) folks will not allow any non-corporate-standard box on their network.
I assume you could more-or-less just print what corporate wants from VistA. So it is the networked box that is the bigger deal.

Would they allow a Linux virtual server running on their corporate-standard-box?

I am not too familiar with VistA architecture, but could you do things on local PC's, then sneakernet them over to (and back from) a non-networked box once day?

The sad thing is that it might just be too big of a bother to spend the time trying to work around.

Perhaps they could have you keep it as a valuable alternative for corporate to have in their back pocket just in case the other doesn't work out. Your implimentation would be a great demonstration of what is possible.

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