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Re: Corporation Crushes Working FOSS EMR
by John Helms on Tuesday June 13, @02:18PM
I also feel your pain. About a year and a half ago I finally gave up fighting against the tide of stupidity in the community clinic I worked at as a member of the IT staff and gave my notice. During the two and a half years I worked there I did everything in my power to cut costs and save them much needed funds by using Open Source and Linux where ever I could. It didn't much matter since the IT department was run by a person whose main talent was wasting money on idiotic costly pie in the sky projects. When I got there they were using an ancient server for medical scheduling and records that was obviously on its last legs. I moved this system to RedHat where it ran continously for the entire time I worked there. The powers that be decided they MUST have a new EMR system so after wasting a bunch of money on one that was Windows based and an obviously poorly written piece of sh*t they wasted some more money on another one that was also an obvious POS. When I left a year and a half ago they were just implementing this second Windows based system. My guesstimate of costs for this second system are somewhere between a half million dollars and a million. Way too much for a "community" clinic to afford whatever the actual number was. I ran into a friend recently who still works there . She began to tell me that the employees were very upset with their "new" EMR system. I asked why she was calling it "new" since I had been gone for a year and a half and it was just coming on line when I left. "No', she said, "I mean the new one they just got". As unbelievable as it sounds they just did it again. They purchased yet another new WIndows based POS to replace the one they just bought a year and a half ago! So lets add this up

1. A working medical scheduling billing system that ran perfectly on Linux replaced by

2. A system that never worked to start with based on Windows replaced by

3. Another Windows based system that apparently ran for a year and a half replaced by

4. Yet another Windows based system that the employees hate.

And all of this in a community clinic with limited funds for patients.

The mind boggles at the insane stupidity and waste!

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