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GNUMed Posted by Karsten Hilbert on Monday August 21, @10:04PM
from the pottering-along dept.
We are happy to announce the release of GNUmed 0.2 "Librarian". This version adds several important features:

- server can be installed on MS/Windows, too
- client runs on MS/Windows, too
- remote control client from legacy applications
- patient demographics import interface
- managing staff members from within the user interface
- searching the medical record
- a complete document management system

The document management system includes:

- importing documents from files
- scanning in documents
- handling of review status
- handling of clinical relevance
- taking patient pictures with a webcam
- completely integrated with the clinical structure of the medical record

Of course, the advanced structured electronic medical record has improved upon its existing robustness and offers:

- grouping of health data by
- underlying health issue
- episodes of activity of health issue
- doctor-patient encounter

- structuring of progress notes into
- Subjective
- Objective
- Assessment
- Plan

Download your package from here.

Debian packages will be available in 10 days time.

Find extensive documentation in our Wiki.

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