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Re: An Avoidance of Serious Solutions for Health Information Technology
by Ignacio Valdes, MD on Wednesday March 11, 2009 @ 04:18 PM
My position is that like lead paint and faulty medications, proprietary EMR software is inherently bad. It is not conducive to good medicine. It is just like alchemy in which the alchemists kept their techniques secret because they wanted to corner the market on changing lead into gold. The problem is that everyone had to figure out for themselves that mercury is poisonous. Proprietary EMR stuff is just like that, you do not know what you do not know and the EMR company keeps you in the dark on purpose. This is antithetical to the practice of medicine. Proprietary vendors simply need to change to proprietary licenses to receive federal funds. You can still choose whatever you want. But do not ask the taxpayer to fund proprietary systems for which they will have to pay for again and again, will stifle innovation and competition and lead to expensive cartels or monopolies. Certification is inadequate for interoperability on more than just a superficial level and works only for big and proprietary vendors. F/OSS vendors cannot easily pass on costs like that to a captive audience that must pay for licenses and is locked-in to proprietary software. It also does not safeguard privacy and security. Standards for exchange are completely trumped by EULA's and service contracts. Try exchanging data with software from a company or entity that really doesn't want to, and most of them really do not want to. -- IV
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