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  GNUmed holds mini conference
GNUMed Posted by Sebastian Hilbert on Sunday February 26, 2012 @ 09:01 AM
from the we like conferences too dept.
GNUmed has been around a while. Most communication happens via the mailing list. Not everyone is comfortable with mailing lists and users tend to stay away from it. That is why we are planning a get together in Leipzig, Germany.

There is no formal agenda yet but here are some possible action items.

* presentation of GNUmed by a user
* presentation of GNUmed by the lead developer
* workshop on how to build a plugin
* workshop on GNUmed installation (Windows, Mac, Linux)
* introduction to GNUmed for developers
* training on how to use GNUmed for users

To plan ahead we kindly ask anyone interested to let us know at either
* http://wiki.gnumed.de/bin/view/Gnumed/GNUmedConf2012
* or via email to sebastian dot hilbert at gmx dot net


Conference languages will be German and English and sign language if neccessary. A date is not fixed yet but we are planning for a weekend in May or July in case any attendee will be coming from overseas etc.

If we find the ressources to do so we will try to set up a live stream for others to watch.

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