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  3M, DoD and VA release the Healthcare Data Dictionary under a public use license
Interesting Developments Posted by Senthil K. Nachimuthu on Monday June 04, @09:52PM
from the A rose by any other name dept.
An announcement was made on May 16th, 2012, regarding an agreement between the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs and 3M to create a public use version of the HDD, called HDD Access, which will be available for download from the HDD Access website later this year.

We are excited about what this means for the healthcare community. Our hope is that healthcare users will share, collaborate and create terminology content and solutions that will benefit the entire community, bringing us closer to achieving interoperability and providing better patient care. With this vision, we plan to seek permission to include standard terminologies in HDD Access, and the Forum page on the HDD Access website welcomes public comments.

3M Press Release
HDD Access Website

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