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  GNUmed 1.2 series released
GNUMed Posted by Sebastian Hilbert on Saturday June 16, 2012 @ 06:55 AM
from the dept.
I am glad to be able to announce the immediate availabilit of the GNUmed 1.2.0 Feature Release.

Downloads available from:


and http://wiki.gnumed.de

Client installation:

Easily installable packages for your platform of choice
will be available shortly.

Meanwhile you can run the client from a downloaded tarball
or use the net based client installer:


which you need to download, make executable, and run.

More information available here:


Database installation / upgrade:

Note that this release, as usual, DOES require a database
upgrade from v16 to v17 if you already have a database and
wish to retain the patient data you documented therein. For
uprading you can use the script provided in the tarball:

.../server/bootstrap/upgrade-db.sh 16 17

Alternatively, you can use the network upgrader:


which you need to download, make executable and run.

If you wish to install a fresh database (without upgrading
an existing one) you can use the install script:


or, again, the network based installer:


Note that both ways WILL DELETE existing databases !

More information on installation or upgrading is found here:




NEW: staff management: implement deletion
NEW: top panel: display active encounter area
NEW: patient overview plugin
NEW: reports to find recent encounters [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: marginal support for soapU category
NEW: placeholders form_name_long/form_name_short/form_version
NEW: document tree: sort mode "by health issue"
NEW: SimpleNotes plugin
NEW: current medication plugin: sort mode "by health issue"
NEW: AbiWord based document templates
NEW: document tree: add parts via document context menu
NEW: document tree: delete/move document parts via part context menu
NEW: browse reference data sources
NEW: importer for "Clinica" EMR databases
NEW: support estimated date of birth
NEW: placeholder <vaccination_history> and LaTeX form template
NEW: PDF-Formular "Vorsorgevollmacht" [thanks Bundesministerium f. Justiz]
NEW: active clinical reminders with due/expiry date
NEW: basic billing functionality
NEW: support for locally overriding wxGlade based widgets
NEW: dynamic clinical hints
NEW: placeholders <adr_subunit> and <adr_suburb>
NEW: placeholder <patient_tags>
NEW: placeholder <PHX>
NEW: link qtdrugs.org from Medication plugin and substance intake EA
NEW: CAGE score on screening for risk of alcohol abuse
NEW: AutoHotKey script on abdominal pain [thanks V.Banait]

IMPROVED: EMR browser: whole-chart synopsis
IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: encounter field tooltips [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: RFE/AOE fields only
IMPROVED: demographics: notebook tab order
IMPROVED: encounter list: [Add] uses configured default encounter type [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: encounter list: [Start new], [Edit active], show active in red
IMPROVED: log data pack insertion in the database [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: top panel: redo in wxGlade
IMPROVED: comm channels: support a comment [suggested by J.Busser]
IMPROVED: document input plugin: workflow adjustments
IMPROVED: signalling of attempt to duplicate drug component intake
IMPROVED: vaccinations: two-list item picker to pick indications rather than checkbox forest
IMPROVED: allergy manager workflow [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: address related placeholders: let user select if no value available for type
IMPROVED: vaccinations: in EMR root show how long ago it was given
IMPROVED: waiting list: on activating patient set RFE if empty but waiting list has comment
IMPROVED: client upgrade check: version comparison glitch [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: keyword-based text expansion macros: let user fill in values
IMPROVED: message inbox: include messages by the active provider, too
IMPROVED: FreeDiams interface: support 0.6.0 style XML file API
IMPROVED: provide md5/sha512 sums for release tarballs [thanks A.Wachtleben]
IMPROVED: branded drug EA: jump to manage-substances
IMPROVED: placeholders: current_meds_table/current_meds_notes
IMPROVED: default medication list template layout
IMPROVED: substance intake EA usability
IMPROVED: status line cleanup [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: document signing display [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: "latest vaccinations" template


NEW: allow "*u*nspecified" in clin.clin_root_item/clin_narrative/soap_cat_ranks.soap_cat
NEW: i18n.untranslate()

IMPROVED: await <ENTER> before "exit 1" in bootstrap shell scripts [thanks Andreas]
IMRPOVED: gm.log_script_insertion() now logs script name in gm.access_log
IMPROVED: prevent active name from being deleted/deactivated at DB level
IMPROVED: constraints on i18n.translations

Please download, install, and report problems !

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