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  FreeMedForms project reaches version 0.8.0
FreeMedForms Posted by Eric Maeker, MD on Wednesday November 07, @05:15PM
from the FreeMedForms dept.
It is always a pleasure to announce the official release of the new stable version 0.8.0 of the FreeMedForms project. This anniversary version (the FreeMedForms EMR one and its main admin) brings two major innovations:
  • one structured Alert Manager, which is built on an analysis of the most recent scientific publications;
  • the ability to use your webcam to take pictures for your patients. This is the first step of importing image in general.

Please visit:
  Main website
  French non-profit association. Official support

Some parts of the code have been completely rewritten like the manager of the episodes with the new presentation (in the manner of a conventional email client).

As with previous versions, the definition of patient records is done through XML forms. These forms have more options and features. They are adaptable to a large number of practices. It is possible to use complex user interfaces (QtUI) and to include scripts (ECMA) to make patient records dynamic. Technical documentation is available in our website, for all of those who wish to build their own patient records.

Drug interactions are always managed and are being updated. The association asso.freemedforms.com is at your disposal for any further information.

These new versions are available for Windows, Mac and Linux (Ubuntu from 12.04).

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