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  NOSH ChartingSystem version 1.3 released!
Medical Open Source Development Posted by Michael Chen, MD on Thursday December 27, @01:47PM
from the NOSH dept.
The NOSH ChartingSystem v1.3 was released on December 27th and is available for download via Launchpad at https://launchpad.net/~shihjay2. More details about the project are available at http://noshemr.wordpress.com.

These are the following new features and bugfixes: * Fixed - Schedule - Thursday provider exception spelling error.
* Fixed - Schedule - Friday all day off does not create closed repeated schedule.
* Fixed - Schedule - Assistant and billing unable to schedule patients.
* Fixed - Schedule - Visits types are just inactivated, not deleted or edited, so that it won't screw up schedule.
* Fixed - Install - Installation bugs and Ubuntu Package files fixed.
* Fixed - Messaging - Improved reliability of internal messaging engine.
* New Feature - Ability to click on any part of the grid header bar (Encounters, Issues, etc.) to minimize and maximize the Grid
* New Feature - HPI and ROS converted to new template framework, allowing future templates to be added in future releases.
* New Feature - Notify patient of new message in portal.
* New Feature - Installed some standard CPT codes in standard install (no charges).
* New Feature - New update system framework.
* New Feature - New email framework (CI based, SSMTP no longer needed).
* New Feature - New reminder, fax, and backup engines (CI based).
* New Feature - Message to provider is sent when a patient message (used to be called Telephone Messages)is generated by assistant
* New Feature - Ability to export internal messages to patient messages.

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