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  osOpinion: Why Linux May Never Win the Desktop
Security Posted by Saint on Wednesday September 27, 2000 @ 01:33 AM
from the tangled-web dept.
osOpinion.com has an article entitled: 'MAPI: Why Linux May Never Win the Desktop' which explains MAPI and gives a compelling example of how difficult Microsoft will be to dislodge Justice department or no. '...The acronym for Microsoft's Messaging Application Programming Interface is where MAPI gets its name. In some ways I find some irony in the fact that they are a standardized set of the C Programming Language functions. Microsoft placed these C functions into a set of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). Microsoft designed the functions and unwittingly they received support of many third party vendors. Later those vendors wound up being bought, humbled or shut down by Microsoft.' I'm sure that vendors of medical software would like to be in just such a position. This is and would continue to be a disaster for medicine and medical software. Digg this article

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    Re: osOpinion: Why Linux May Never Win the Desktop
    by Chris on Thursday April 07, 2005 @ 01:54 AM
    MAPI on Linux? here's where to download it from: http://www.scalix.com/
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