Linux for Microsoft Windows Users: #3

MozillaQuest has the third article in a series of articles ‘…designed to help Microsoft Windows users better understand and use Linux, and Linux software…

Last time, in Linux for Microsoft Windows Users: #2 – Getting Started with The Linux MS Windows-Like Desktop , we used the KDE Wizard in Caldera’s OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 to make the Linux, K desktop look and feel pretty much like the Microsoft Windows desktop. Today, let’s get the K desktop running in Red Hat Linux 7 and then make it look and feel more like the Microsoft Windows desktop.

Or, if you like you can follow along in this tutorial and use it as a guide for creating your own customized Linux desktop skin or theme. Then in our next session, let’s get down to business using the K desktop to start and to run programs. Incidentally, this tutorial article should be helpful if you want to customize or re-skin the K desktop in other Linux distributions, also.

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