Low Cost = Better? AAFP May Go Open Source

Updated at 1700: Almost missed the real story further down that the American Academy of Family Physician’s is considering open source. American Medical News has an article which may sound all too familiar. It is one Doctor’s saga with 3 different electronic medical record software, concluding that: “The most expensive was the worst and by far the cheapest was the best,” but it still didn’t work for her. It is a good read, if nothing else to note the money and time wasted, the arrogance of a closed-source vendor and the passing mentions of shoddy OS software: ‘”The problem with Dr. Orchard is that she was very computer illiterate,” said Richard Low, MD, Infor-Med’s CEO. Thousands of doctors are “highly satisfied” with his software because it helps them save time and work more efficiently; but to reap those benefits they had to learn to use the Praxis EMR software. “She refused to learn,” Dr. Low said…’ Thanks to Gary Kantor for this link.

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