Medical Informaticists To Benefit From FOSS

A group that stands to benefit greatly from Free and Open Source Medical Software is Medical Informaticists. Medical Informaticist Scot Silverstein, MD has used the phrase ‘Director of Nothing’ to describe jobs for Informaticists that promise everything, but deliver little in terms of authority to achieve organizational IT goals. Examples are all the responsibility for IT, but no budget the Informaticist controls, no staff and little standing in the heirarchy. I would add that in my opinion, many medical organization decision makers do not know what an Informaticist can do, but they think they know what a vendor can do. This can lead to an inequity of power which Free and Open Source Medical software can greatly equalize. Therefore, a not so subtle message to Medical Informaticists is: advocate and use FOS Medical software and the profession is likely to benefit greatly. Continue using proprietary medical software and you may suffer the consequences of a balance of power against you.

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