Upcoming Release – Prescription and Billing in OpenEMR

OpenEMR will have new functionality for prescriptions, pharmacies and billing. This is a pre-release notice of upcoming prescription functionality in OpenEMR. As part of our work on billing using FreeB with OpenEMR, we have added functionality for prescriptions.

Our work on prescriptions allows providers to:
1. Prescribe a new medication;

2. View patients’ existing prescription;

3. Send the prescription to the in-house pharmacy;

4. Send a prescription by email, fax or print to the patient’s pharmacy;

5. Lookup drugs in the Internet database; and

6. Special login for pharmacists to view prescriptions pending for fulfillment.


We have successfully submitted bills to Medi-Cal, and have tied all FreeB fields to OpenEMR. We are creating a separate billing interface to allow changes for bills when there is a formatting or entry error. Our anticipated release date for OpenEMR with billing using FreeB is late April 2004.


Clinics using OpenEMR’s billing features will be able to send bills to Medi-Cal, a clearninghouse, or to print HCFA forms. With additional customization, OpenEMR can submit bills to any payer.


Billing companies will be able to use OpenEMR with FreeB to offer practice management and EMR services to their clients, and to use FreeB to replace some of their existing billing applications.

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