Open source HIS for man’s best friends

They bark and say “meow” for open source. Clinique V�t�rinaire Des Aliz�s, a veterinary clinic in France is using Care2x, an open source hospital information system, to manage the data of its “patients”. These patients do not say “hello” but bark, say “meow”, or otherwise emit animal sounds. Yes, open source software is also being used for animal patients.

Dr. Jean-Philippe LIOT, the head of the clinic has implemented Care2x in the clinic’s intranet and has also developed several customized functions and plugin modules. These additions have been incorporated in current software releases since then. Currently, Dr. LIOT is developing a live video module for round-the-clock monitoring of his patients in their caged “wards”.

For verifications and more info about the plugins, pls. contact:
Dr. Jean-Philippe LIOT
Clinique V�t�rinaire Des Aliz�s
39 Avenue Ren� Coty
85180 Chateau d’Olone

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