User Documentation for OpenEMR

The OpenEMR community received a
25 page User Documentation Manual for OpenEMR
. The OpenEMR community thanks Dr. Bowen for his gracious contribution of a 25 page user manual for OpenEMR version 2.6. The user manual covers:

1. User Management;

2. Patient Demographics;

3. Appointment Scheduling;

4. Patient Encounters;

5. Patient Medical Data;

6. Billing, Insurance, Payments, and Accounts Receivable;

7. Reporting;

8. Authorized Users; and

9. Transactions.

The user documentation relates to OpenEMR v.2.6, and does not incorporate some of the change in the Development version of OpenEMR.

For users that wish to submit additional documentation, or to updat this documentation, the OpenEMR community welcomes your contribution. New contributions can be submitted to, or can be added using the links in the Downloads section of OpenEMR.

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