Commentary on AMIA’s response to CPOE controversy

Update: The authors opinions on the JAMA CPOE article at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia made it into Health-IT World: The article is here (second story down). Editor’s note: Dr. Silverstein is responding to a research article in the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA which concluded that a Computerized Patient Order Entry (CPOE) system called TDS, now obsolete, made some medication prescribing errors more frequent. A reasonable assessment of the recent CPOE controversy was made by Don Detmer, MD, the President and CEO of the American Medical Informatics Association. He writes that healthcare IT is of great value, is moving forward, and that those in clinical IT need to rigorously assess issues and problems and correct them iteratively, as in any evolving field. He is confident that AMIA and its researchers, clinicians, and educators are committed to these objectives and will continue to raise the performance bar for clinical IT. I heartily agree. However, other topics such as IT project leadership need to be addressed as well. I’ve put my commentary on this topic here.

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