Problems with WebMD/Medical Manager OmniDoc/OmniChart

An anonymous reader wrote in with these un-edited comments: ‘…WE ARE HAVING EXTENSIVE ———-EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE ISSUES WITH WEBMD/MEDICAL MANAGER WITH OMNIDOC / OMNICHART OUTRAGEOUS PRICES FOR “SUPPORT” WE END UP DOING OURSELVES. ANY WORD ON ANYTHING TO HELP. If you will please take out my name and email address…fighting webmd and issues with these products but must use them every day. The Webmd conference each year in Florida is the biggest group of angry owners i have ever seen…’ Linux Medical News had a discussion about what to do. One reader comment may be salient: ‘…overall the software is not better or worse than other commercial software solutions.
All of the above is another way of saying that from my perspective all of the commercial software products for medical practice management are substandard, which is why i am looking to open source software. in other words, my first reason for considering open source software is not cost but software quality…
There has been no new information that I know of since Federal Agents Investigated in 2003.

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