FreeMED Software Foundation announces the release of FreeMED 0.8.0 and REMITT 0.3

On Monday September 12, 2005, version 0.8.0 of FreeMED is scheduled for release to the community. FreeMED is a computerized and electronic medical record as well as practice management system for medical practices and institutions. Along with the new version of FreeMED are updated versions of REMITT, the electronic billing package and phpwebtools, the toolkit for FreeMED. There is also a launch of a new homepage for FreeMED, located at REMITT 0.3 is being released under the GPL instead of being dual licensed with the MPL to provide a greater range of license compatibility options to the community.

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    Some of the advances in FreeMED 0.8.0 include:

  • Multiple screen layouts and configurations
  • Accounts receivable and advanced claims manager for tracking payments from insurance companies
  • Configurable patient notifications and
    Compatibility with REMITT 0.3, providing both advanced bill processing and patient statement generation
  • Improved user interface and overall usability improvements
  • Patient record locking
  • Advanced access control list (ACL) support with simple user interface
  • Fax system with support for batch faxing, notifications, and other features. This allows for direct import of faxed material to the patient record.
  • Improved HL7 v2.3 interface for communication with legacy systems.
  • Upcoming availability of a �live CD� to allow testing of FreeMED without the use of a dedicated machine
  • Next-generation scheduler
  • Printing system improvements
  • Commercial support through B-MAS, Inc

One of our beta test sites has made a multiple physician, multiple location paperless office with the use of FreeMED. This includes electronic availability of legacy records, incoming data, faxes and reports.

FreeMED Software Foundation is pleased to announce an agreement with B-MAS, Inc, a support and training group with commercial support available for FreeMED. B-MAS offers multiple levels of help desk support, as well as on-site training, installation and configuration as needed. For more information visit the B-MAS, Inc website at

FreeMED Software Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation organized for the development of medical practice software, computerized and electronic aids to medical practice and access to state of the art medical informatics. The Foundation is seeking community members to enhance the Board of Trustees. Please contact the Foundation through our web site at

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