Medsphere wins Brooklyn hospital

Despite the ongoing legal drama, Medsphere has won business from Brooklyn’s Lutheran Medical Center.

The release quotes Dr. Ken Kizer; ” With the power of VistA behind it, OpenVista substantially lowers costs, reduces implementation risk, and shortens the learning curve because so many physicians train at VA hospitals. These and other factors offer clear advantages over other commercial EHR systems.”

No mention of the term “open source” until the end of the release where the now famous phrase appears again “Medsphere is the leading commercial provider of open source technology for the healthcare industry.”

Book Review: Moving to Free Software

Marcel Gagn´┐Ż’s book for Windows users entitled: Moving to Free Software is an introduction to useful Free and Open Source (FOSS) licensed software that runs on the proprietary Windows operating system. Each chapter covers a major application with an introduction of what the application does, how to use it and helpful configuration tips. Each chapter ends with a number of useful links to resources. Applications include Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gimp and more. Included is an Ubuntu live DVD that contains all the applications listed in the book. While a good introduction containing much useful information, the book has some misnomers and missing parts.

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