Taking heath information and giving it back to consumers – www.whoissick.org

http://www.whoissick.org recently launched a free new website focused on bringing heath information to the public by tracking and monitoring current and local sicknesses. Essentially, it is Web2.0/User generated content meets Healthcare through a very simple Google Maps interface.

Given the relatively slower adoption of internet and “web 2.0′ technology by much of the healthcare industry, we set out to create a simple, user-friendly, and valuable website for the average consumer.

You can see our website but some key points to note:

1. Only source on the internet (after much searching) that provides information on current and local sickness information. User posted sicknesses on a map has its challenges and issues but we think it’s a good start to provide this information to the public. We are creating a new platform to gather this information (positives and negatives to this) where none exists in a consolidated fashion. Information is with hospitals, individual clinics/doctors, discussion boards but this is not easy to get from an individual’s perspective.

2. Healthcare is still too much of a black box to many people. This information is useful for many people (parents of children, travelers, schools, companies) but currently, if you want to know what kinds of sicknesses are going around, your options are a) ask people around you, b) call the local hospital or doctor, c) wait until CNN breaks the news of a “flu outbreak” that is probably 2 weeks old. Compare this to knowing within a couple mile radius of where you live or work, what kinds of sicknesses are going around today, 2 days ago, 2 weeks ago, etc.

3. Interesting feature set (summary analytics, powerful and flexible filtering/search, simple posting, good visualization tools, free promotion of businesses)

4. Take a look at the About Us section to read the true genesis of the idea � which also shows 1 very specific use of why the site could be valuable.

Hope this is helpful.

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