Blogosphere reacts to Kizers resignation

Lots of new information has come out regarding the Medsphere debaucle since ModernHealthcare announced that Kizer has resigned. Tim over at Histalk wrote:

Does Medsphere have any feet left to shoot after firing (and suing) its co-founders and now losing its only obvious asset, Ken Kizer? They were fun as a scrappy, passionate underdog with big names, but I have to admit that, without Kizer, I really have no interest in them. Plus, the lawsuit makes me wonder if open source interests might be better served by other VistA stewards. Just my opinion, of course.

Justen Deal writes jokingly:

perhaps Medsphere could look into recruiting Darl McBride as their next chief executive?

However the most damning post by far is one from Christian Hergert a former Medsphere employee. He has chosen to go on record saying some things that I had heard of through the VistA grapevine, but could not get anyone to go on record about.

Ken is the guy who was spearheading the witch-hunt against a small group of us Medsphere back in the day. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact of why I was fired is actually coming into light via the published court documents. I confirmed that Mr. Ken Kizer was indeed defrauding shareholders, customers, and investors by looking for new, high-profile jobs while raising money for Medsphere under the contingency of being there. What a moron for doing it on Medsphere�s email servers too! I don�t recall the exact number, but it was well over 80 conversations over a few months where he actively was doing this. I had multiple hidden lvm snapshots of the mail data over a period of time too. It was very interesting to see all the deleted emails by certain key executives while this all was going down. Especially the ones about Medsphere being an opensource company and what and when things were to be released.

What will happen next?
Fred Trotter

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