Gov’t Technology: Miracle Cure?

Government Technology News has a wide-ranging article on Free and Open Source Software in Medicine: “Doctors are fed up with the we-own-you, vendor lock-in, phone-home-to-the-mother-ship-to-do-anything status quo,” he said.

In addition, open source health IT applications are hitting their late teens, with more growth coming. What will be available in the next year, he said, will likely challenge anything in the proprietary world.

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Blogosphere reacts to Kizers resignation

Lots of new information has come out regarding the Medsphere debaucle since ModernHealthcare announced that Kizer has resigned. Tim over at Histalk wrote:

Does Medsphere have any feet left to shoot after firing (and suing) its co-founders and now losing its only obvious asset, Ken Kizer? They were fun as a scrappy, passionate underdog with big names, but I have to admit that, without Kizer, I really have no interest in them. Plus, the lawsuit makes me wonder if open source interests might be better served by other VistA stewards. Just my opinion, of course.

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Sad story of

One day I was made aware of a fine effort to give linux users with interest in clinical and nonclinical software a place to collaborate.

This site used to be

One of these days that site was hacked and defaced. They restored it but it was hacked again. They restored but it was hacked again. From what I’ve seen different forum software was used each time.

They were fed up and decided to withdraw from public engagement I was told in an email from one of their members/admins.

Now wtf. The crackers succeeded in taking down a fine site which helped many people in the community.

I hope one day they will resurface and be left alone. It’s a sad day.