Use Health Vault, Lose Your Rights

Microsoft has announced (NY Times Article) Health Vault. What should have followed here is a review of the service by my actually trying it. I was in the process of registering when I began reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and I had to stop right there with my review when I read it. In addition to the contract being lengthy, it specifically states: “In using the Service, you may not:

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Personal Health Records with another perpesctive.

Although the National Health Council recommends you to keep a personal health record and take it with you to your doctor,it�s one thing to document your medical information�

It�s another to know when and how to use it. Open MedicDrive,a collaborative open architecture based application has launched the educational Wiki for advancing and educating users about the role of Healthcare Information Technology in Personal Health Record Management.

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Paper Companies vs. Proprietary EHR Companies

Editor: This is a work of satire, hope you enjoy it. The heated battle between paper companies and proprietary EHR companies for market share is always fascinating to watch. Linux Medical News labs weighs in on the subject by doing a rigorous, side-by-side comparison of Paper company products vs. proprietary Electronic Health Record software company products. The results may surprise you.

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