HL7 Personal Health Record DSTU

Health Level Seven (HL7 www.hl7.org) has released for review and balloting the Personal Health Record System Functional Model DSTU R1 here (zip file).

This is part of an out-of-cycle ballot aimed at rapidly moving the FM into the hands of those who wish to implement. It is a tall drink, with robust provisions for security and interoperability. Those who are accustomed to thinking of a PHR as little more than a fill in the blank web form are going to find a substantially different sort of animal described. In particular, the PHRS described are much more akin to health record banks/trusts (www.healthbanking.org) as described by Amnon Shabo, Marion Ball, Johnathan Gold, Bill Yasnoff and others (including yours truly).

Disclaimer, I am involved in a health record banking service startup (www.healthdatasecurity.com), a PHR software development project (www.tolven.org), the chair of the HRBA standards committee, a co-chair at HL7 (Emergency Care SIG) and a co-chair of the DEEDS (http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/pub-res/deedspage.htm) update and revision workgroup.

My own OSS projects will be a subset of controlled terminologies represented as an API for use in clinical systems (Sourceforge project ECTOPIC) and openCDR, which will be a health record banking system and clinical data repository application. Interest parties are more than welcome!

I am also a happy openSUSE/KDE user and part-time Java hacker.

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