FOSS Health Conference Later Bird Registration Available

fred.trotter at gmail dot com writes: “Early bird sales for the conference have gone really well. Much better than I expected, and potentially problematically well. If DOHCS attendance is any indicator, there will be a spike of late registrations. I may be running out of space, which is not a problem if I know months in advance but is a problem if I know days or hours.

I have had several people email me saying “I just missed early bird registration, can I still get tickets at that price?” The answer is no, that would not be fair to the people who have registered on time. However, in sympathy to your pleas I have created a new “almost early bird” ticket sale that costs only a little more than early bird. You can purchase the tickets here:

I am telling you now, if you want to go, or you think you might want to go, buy your tickets now. Otherwise, you will forget and then you will be emailing me asking for special treatment again. The people who register earliest will get the best deal, I will only raise prices as the deadline approaches.

Do not let this happen to you!!

Now for the main point of my message. Is it appropriate for me to make this an invitation-only event, like FOO camp? I could call it Friends of Fred or FOF (ok thats a terrible idea). The point is, it would help me keep the conference size down and ensure that everyone there was really important and/or doing really interesting work. Frankly I do not like the idea, it feels bad to make anything FOSS closed like that, but otherwise, conference planning might be impossible.

Let me know what you think!!

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