OpenEMR achieves full ONC certification

It’s official! OpenEMR has passed all ONC certification tests as a fully qualified emr that can be used to attest for incentive moneys. The official posting:
appeared on the website 2011/08/19. Congratulations to all involved! OpenEMR 4.1 should be ready for download in a few weeks.

This accomplishment is an amazing feat for an open source project, requiring many, many hours of interpretation of standards, coding, bug fixes, testing, and not least of all many thousands of dollars in fundraising to certify a product which has no corporate ownership and no financial return on that investment.

It is LAMP based software that is free to use and inexpensive to run; hardware requirements are minimal. If you haven’t seen us in a while, please visit at “” and the supporting organization “” for more information.

Jack Cahn MD Board of Directors

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