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Open Source Medications Database Followup

Following up on this previous LMN story link we have now completed a comprehensive open source medications/drug database and have a simple technology demonstration of it online. It includes all drugs considered by the FDA as well as interaction data from the VA National Drug File. There is still plenty of tweaking to do particularly with the interactions and it is not ready to be used for clinical or medical purposes just yet, but feedback is welcome. ClearHealth will also be completing integrated SureScripts support in our Q1/2008 version (2.2).

Instructions about how to access the demo are available in our forums here

Final Rule for Electronic Submission of Medicare Claims

On August 15, 2003, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
published the Final Rule for Electronic Submission of Medicare Claims.
This rule implements the statutory requirement found in the
Administrative Simplification Compliance Act (ASCA). ASCA requires
(with a few exceptions) all claims sent to the Medicare Program be
submitted electronically starting October 16, 2003.

ASCA was enacted by
Congress to improve the administration of the Medicare program by
increasing efficiencies gained through additional electronic claims
submission. Although 86.1 percent of Medicare claims are submitted
electronically, the volume of paper claims is substantial, and moving
from paper to electronic submissions has the potential for significant
savings for Medicare physicians, practitioners, suppliers, and other
health care providers, as well as for the program itself.

This Rule
sets forth the details for implementation of the Medicare electronic
claims submission requirement and who may be exempt from these

The rule is available at:


The regulation requires that all claims submitted to Medicare on
October 16, 2003 and beyond be done so electronically except for certain
circumstances including:

The provider is a small provider

Dental claims

Claims where there is more than one payer primary to Medicare

Roster billing for vaccinations

Claims for Medicare demonstration projects

While these claims may be submitted electronically, they are not
required to be done that way.

Netscape 6 Preview 3 Opens Favorably

Netscape has released its 3rd Preview of its long-awaited browser update. After months of waiting and scathing reviews in the recent past for its other Preview releases, this release appears to be generally well received judging by the discussion on Slashdot.org In the past, the discussion on Slashdot and other sites has been merciless in its criticism of Netscape and the open source group that writes its base: Mozilla.org. While not bug-free, this release is reassuring that the strategically important browser will fulfill its promise in the near future. Mozilla’s current roadmap calls for release in January or February of 2001. Nightly builds that are said to be steadily improving are available on Mozilla.org.