Open Paradigms, LLC announces availability of TORCH version 1.1.0.

Trusted Open source Records for Care & Health (TORCH) Version 1.1.0 is now available. TORCH is an electronic health record application that is GPL licensed and and built upon a completely open source stack. All required components are included in the available download. You can find it on the Open Paradigms, LLC website in the Open Source section. Read on for the full text of the announcement.

TORCH is an electronic health record application that is GPL licensed and and built upon a complete open source stack. The available download includes all required components for installation on a linux, x86 based server. The various components are available for other operating systems but packaging for other OS’s and platforms will be left for the community to produce.

This is a maintenance release that includes better integration with CMFPlone and several bug fixes. The template system and scheduling module remain the same. The decision to retain these modules as is is based on the current functionality in Zope as compared to the vision for Zope3.

With the expected Zope3 (see: ) capabilities along with the pending release of the openEHR specification we have been working towards an application that will be leading edge. It will accomplish this through both foundational application blocks as well as future proofing by the versioned archetype reference model. This is described in detail by the openEHR Foundation ( We expect to release a tested application no later than Q4 – 2003.

We are very excited about the near future. Several years of effort have gone into fulfilling the dream of a true “lego block” approach to open source health care application development, built around a standardized reference model, and using XML-Schema representations. We sincerely thank the openEHR Foundation and Zope Corporation for their comittment to open source and knowledge sharing.

For questions concerning TORCH specifically please contact Tim Cook

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