Linux Medical News Is 3 Years Old

Linux Medical News is 3 years old now. In its first week, 300 visitors came. It now averages 7000 per week and has 594 posted articles to date. Its original mission: ‘…to facilitate, amplify and begin the process of fundamentally changing medical education and practice into a more effective, fair and humane enterprise using modern technologies…’ is as necessary, vital and relevant today as it was 3 years ago. Perhaps more so since medical computing as a whole has changed little in 3 years. However, medical open source has progressed greatly since then, with its first shipping products in the last 6 months as well as major medical organizations beginning to study it. Medicine takes at least 10 years to change so 7 years are left, by Linux Medical News’ clock, until free and open source software in medicine is ubiquitous. My deepest thanks to all Linux Medical News supporters over the years.

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