Thomas Beale Wins 2003 Linux Medical News Achievement Award

Thomas Beale of Ocean Informatics is the recipient of the 2003 Linux Medical News Award. Beale could not attend the award presentation at the Fall AMIA Conference, but Read On for his acceptance Letter. Other nominees were care2x Project,
David Kibbe, MD of the (AAFP), Dr. Stanley Saiki, Jr. Director of the Pacific Telehealth and Technology Hui. Thanks to all of the nominees and the panel of judges: Tim Cook of OpenParadigms, Joseph Dalmolin of e-cology, Dr. Adrian Midgley and myself.

acceptance letter


It’s an unexpected honour to receive this award, since the work I have been involved in with openEHR has not delivered much “source” at this stage, but it seems that the value of specifications, our work in standards and education is valued, which is a very nice feeling indeed. However, our hope – hopefully a common dream – is that openEHR will help bring a common,
standards-based, open EHR computing platform into being, one that gives every application builder a huge advantage compared to the situation today. The open source health care community will no doubt be pleased to know that the first official release of openEHR, along with some source code, will be available before the end of 2003.

My thanks to Ignacio at LMN, and to all those with whom I have had the pleasure to interact and learn from over the years. Let’s keep building the future!

– thomas beale

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