Knoppix Linux Kernel Bug

A lot of people are astonished that, after remastering a Knoppix CD, the result blows up a lot. The reason is that there is a Kernel bug what is not fixed. Normaly it makes no difference. But during the remastering process it has some sideeffects. It resets a lot of hardlinks that before were softlinks.

I tested a lot of different Knoppix versions that are remastered. I saw none that keep attention to the remastered Linux and what happened with it as result.

If you remaster a Knoppix CD you have to look at a lot of things. The same for linux and medical applications. Its the same effect that you see with Aspirin versus a Generic Drug. Its not the same result.

Today I personaly phoned Klaus Knopper who is personally involved in the remastered Care2x Knoppix CD. I also informed Elpidio (main developer of Care2x) and tested a pre-release Version of the CD. He likes the result very much.

Future planning for the ISO and the Care2x Knoppix CD will be at the Flensburg developer meeting. We plan a special team of experts there to for working on additional projects. These will be useful for other projects than the Care2x Project in the future.

Discussion are underway for improvements of Linux and Care2x for handicapped people. We will discuss these new projects in Flensburg. Klaus Knoppix is personally interested in supporting it. We are also looking for developers interesting in writing code and with special expertise.

Klaus needs a sponsor for braille. That’s realy important. There is a Knoppix version available for blind people. But if you realy test it the result nearly useless. Under real working conditions Knoppix and Linux needs a lot of improvement.

Please be careful about mailing Klaus personaly. He is answering but is very busy. There are more than 13000 e-mails with support requests for Knoppix at the moment. He likes to have a little time time to work on the projects.

The Care2x CD comes with the new Kernel and some improvements. It is tested. The Quality Control is being done by Klaus himself.



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