Medical School vs Residency

Editor’s Note: This site is for news of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in medicine. The following is off-topic but I get these frequently enough that I will refer everyone to this story and thread in the future: I am a sophmore in college, and I have hopes to become a psychiatrist. I have heard some disheartning things about the lifestyle one leads at med school and on to residency. Can someone please tell me what a med school lifestyle is really like in terms of hours spent in class and studying, etc and how much free time one has. Also, the same question for residency, and if residency is overall harder or easier, and what the benefits and drawbacks are for each. My final question is: Can someone please send me in the direction of some good literature that explains exactly what med school IS, and not how to get into med school. The same for residency. THANK YOU SO MUCH, for who ever answers all of my (ignorant) questions.

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