Call for contribution to libre software for scientific research topic of LSM 2005

Call for contributions for the Libre Software scientific research topic at the international free software conference Libre Software Meeting (LSM) 2005, July 5th to 9th, Dijon, France.

Software for research in epidemiology, statistics or any other research topics are welcome.

A broader topic for medecine is also scheduled at the same conference. Details can be found here.

The Libre Software Meeting is a yearly free software event that has taken place in France since 2000. The language of the lectures of almost all technical sessions is English.

Call for contributions to libre software in scientific research topic of libre software meeting 2005 in Dijon, France, July 5th to 9th.

The Libre Software Meeting is a yearly free software event that takes place in France since 2000 (originating from Bordeaux, this event is driven by volunteers from the free software community). The LSM 2005 takes place this year in Dijon, from July 5th to 9th:

The language of the lectures of almost all technical sessions is English while some of the non-technical sessions open to a wider and local public may be in French (check on the web site).

This message is a call for contributions for the “libre software for scientific research” session of the LSM.

The goal of this topic is to highlight free software that is currently used in scientific research or that, by its quality, deserves a wider adoption. The targeted audience are researchers willing to share their experience with respect to scientific free software and
developers of these projects. We will provide much attention to interdisciplinary projects.

There is no programme committee (it is not a scientific conference) and selection process is expected to remain as lightweight as
possible. If you want to help in organising the event, you are welcome.

Talks, in English, are expected to last around 45 minutes. Printable version of the lecture are not mandatory but would be very appreciated.

If you are considering coming and preparing a talk, please send us an email at before the end of March 2005.

Feel free to send this message wherever or to whom you consider relevant (but beware of spamming people).

Please consider the opportunity of the libre software meeting (and its infrastructure) to have a gathering of the developers of the free software for scientific research you are involved with. We can help you in such a matter.

Best regards,

Dr Frederic Lehobey

(RMLL 2005 volunteer for libre software for scientific research topic)

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