Corporate Sponsorship

One way the open emr idea could be rapidly advanced is to pitch the medical subspecialty societies for corporate sponsorship.

As a physician, I know that there is an overwhelming need for open EMR. If adoption were standardized across physician practices, there would be incredible opportunity for patient oriented research, improved patient care, clinic efficiency, etc.

It would be fairly easy to go to an organization such as ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology), who could solicit grants from pharmaceutical organizations, for the purpose of tailoring an oncology specific open EMR. This could be done with cardiology, endocrinology, etc. ASCO could also help find physicians willing to help structure the program.

I could possibly help approach ASCO leasership, however I am a computer novice at best – Could someone tell me 1) where would the coders come from? 2) What infrastructure is in place to provide computer support once a program is “launched”

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