OpenVistA SemiVivA FOIA Gold 20050507 available

Editor’s Note: the author has a short summary of waht this in the comments. Click Read More… to see it: OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold 20050507 is now available here: It combines the FOIA release from the VA’s FTP site with GT.M V5.0-000.

To use it, download the file to a temporary directory, e.g., /Distrib/VistA/OpenVIstASemiVivAFOIAGold20050507.tgz. Then, as root:
cd /usr/local
tar zxvf /Distrib/VistA/OpenVIstASemiVivAFOIAGold20050507.tgz

To “install” a database, you can execute:
/usr/local/OpenVistA/visa –install
where is specified without a trailing slash. To “run” after installing a database, you can execute:
/usr/local/OpenVistA/vista –run

The above script requires that you have Xdialog ( installed on your system. One change from previous SemiVivA releases is that /usr/local/gtm and /usr/local/OpenVistA are symbolic links (e.g., gtm is a link to gtm_V5.0-000).

Please use it and either post or send me your comments. Thank you very much.

— Bhaskar

P.S. For OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold 20050507, I am tempted to wait till Knoppix 4.0 becomes available. If you would like me to create it with Knoppix 3.9, and not wait till Knoppix 4.0 becomes available for download, please let me know. Thanx.

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