Brailer: Prototype Architectures to be Public Domain

An anonymous reader sent in: Dr. David Brailer testified before the Senate Commerce Committee yesterday on his health IT activities. Dr. Brailer’s testimony interesting, especially the last sentence: ‘…NHIN Architecture We have issued an RFP to develop models and prototypes for a NHIN for widespread health information exchange that can be used to test specialized network functions, security protections and monitoring, and demonstrate feasibility of scalable models across market settings. The NHIN architecture will be coordinated with the work of the Federal Health Architecture and other interrelated RFPs. The goal is to develop real solutions for nationwide health information exchange and ultimately develop a market � particularly the supply side � for health information exchange, which does not exist today. This RFP will fund 6 architectures and operational prototypes that will maximize the use of existing resources such as the Internet, and will be tested simultaneously in three markets with a diversity of providers in each market. HHS intends to make these prototype architectures available in the public domain to prevent control of ideas and design. Through the RFP process, we encourage the development of a complete open source solution…’

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