Open Source Community needs to get Governance

While NHS is going from the top down, the United States is approaching from the bottom up. This is expected and accepted in American politics and public opinion. It’s what works for us and adheres to the capitalist mind.

Things are moving quickly with a survey showing 61% of hospital CFO’S planning to purchase major IT systems wihtin the next 5 years.

Regional Health Information Organizations (a concept that has existed since the 1990’s but just recently given a name and federal recognition) are popping up everywhere, with many of the wrinkles already ironed out. Several articles in Hospital Health Networks mentioned a large impediment – governance. Yes, technology is an issue, but getting competing providers to cooperate is touchy. Interoperability is the word of the day and the Open Source community must prove that it can be done. The UK is shooting for the Health IT moon in 2010, the US is aiming for 2014 – will Open Source be there? So far, I’m disappointed.

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