WSIS Tunis Journal

What follows is a travelogue by WorldVistA director Chris Richardson from San Francisco, California to the recent World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) meeting in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia located in northwest Africa. WorldVistA is a group ‘focused on further developing and supporting the growing global VistA [electronic medical record] community.’

(Editor’s note: dates are in VistA format � 305 is the year 2005.)

Tunis Journal � 3051113 � The Pre-Board

Gentle readers;

This is a journey which holds a lot of exploration and discovery about the differences and similarities between various peoples. Having run the gauntlet of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to find the my way to the San Francisco Airport, I found a large contingent on BART heading toward football game (49ers vs. somebody). Sitting there listening to them discuss the various players casually and making comment about the players in a familiar way as if the players were an extended family. The fans got off and the Opera Ladies got onto BART as we made our way to the San Francisco Airport.

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