Why Choose Plone over J2EE, Ruby on Rails, TurboGears, JBoss,or django?

Medical software development is very difficult to do and pushes the limits of computer science and programming. Here is a 40 minute Quicktime webcast that is an entertaining, practical side by side comparison of 6 popular development environments by a Jet Propulsion Lab engineer. The conclusion is that ZOPE-based Plone is the best for web development. Some of the metrics are: 225 minutes for a J2EE web application versus about 10 minutes for a web application in Plone that is more functional than the J2EE one. He also likes Rails and Django but the winner is Plone. The webcast is a large download. I’m seeing if it is available in slide form. Disclaimer: Linux Medical News has run ZOPE since its inception in 2000.

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