Dr. Notes Cuts Off Customers, Demands Fee

A great example of the problems that you have with using a proprietary license for your EHR has been posted on GPLMedicine.org
From the main article: (McGoverns) tech support contract with Boca Raton-based Dr. Notes was originally for $1,200 a year but the company wanted her to pay $5,000 a year. When McGovern refused, the company didn’t give her an updated monthly password needed to access the program and view records, she said. You cant make this stuff up.’

Fred Trotter

VMW’s Big List of Medical OSS Stuff

This month’s Virtual Medical Worlds includes Growth of Open Source Solutions in Healthcare in the 21st Century. Nice to see this sort of thing all in one place! Unfortunately, comments don’t seem to be available at VMW. The readers of LinuxMedNews might be able to offer further suggestions.
The article lists those who think medical OSS is important, different applications, LMN (among other OSS news organizations), Whitepapers on why OSS, and a raft of other stuff. Just wetting your appetite for their Informatics book coming out this Fall.