NIH’s National Database for Autism Research Deploys with OpenClinica as Clinical Assesments Component

NIH’s National Database for Autism Research Deploys with OpenClinica as Clinical Assesments Component.

(Cambridge, MA) August 16, 2007 Akaza Research, LLC announced today that its OpenClinica product has been deployed as the clinical assessments component of the NIH’s National Database for Autism Research.

The National Database for Autism Research, or NDAR, is a collaborative biomedical informatics system created by the National Institutes of Health to provide a common, nationwide resource to support and accelerate research on autism. NDAR will make it easier and faster for researchers to gather, evaluate, and share autism research data from a variety of sources.

The completed NDAR version 1.0 includes three complementary components: a clinical assessments functionality based on OpenClinica, neuroimaging support based on the Medical Image Processing, Analysis and Visualization (MIPAV) platform, and secure access to NIH�s Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) services and resources.

OpenClinica, the open source, web-based electronic data capture platform for clinical research, provides NDAR with clinical assessments functionality including:

  • Base portfolio of common assessments instruments
  • Paperless data collection
  • Automated scoring of common assessments instruments
  • Instrument authoring and storage
  • Subject tracking
  • Study management

A team comprising engineers, subject matter experts, and analysts from Akaza Research, subject matter and technical experts from the NIH have collaborated to develop custom features and capabilities for Openclinica to integrate with the BIRN and other NDAR application modules. The first phase of NDAR started in 2006 and was completed on time in April 2007.

Development of NDAR is ongoing and additional releases are planned for 2007 and 2008.

About OpenClinica:

OpenClinica is an open source, web-based electronic data capture for clinical research. It facilitates protocol configuration, design of case report forms, electronic data capture, and study/data management. OpenClinica supports HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines and is designed as a strictly standards-based, extensible, and modular platform. The current production release of OpenClinica is version 2.0.1. All versions of OpenClinica are available for download at

About Akaza Research

Akaza Research, the leading provider of open source clinical trial software, is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Akaza has developed and commercialized OpenClinica, the preeminent open source clinical trial data collection and management software platform. Akaza brings Open Source Software solutions into the mainstream of the clinical research enterprise by making high quality, standards-based systems accessible for private and public research. Akaza Research provides support, training, and consulting services to its customers worldwide. See

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