PSA: HCHIC Inaugural Fundraising Event

Public Service Announcement:

“Our Father’s life was shortened by many years because a laboratory test result that showed a reversible kidney failure was lost in the paper shuffle.”

— The Dunn Family

The not-for-profit Harris County Health Information Cooperative (HCHIC) is announcing its inaugural fund raiser at St. Arnold’s brewery September 20th, for a Houston, Texas area, county-wide or state-wide, non-proprietary Electronic Medical Record system: “Much like a lighthouse benefits all of us, your tax-deductible contribution to HCHIC will be used for desperately needed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) unification with proven and robust non-proprietary software that will be implemented, developed and promoted in Harris County and Texas. If you cannot attend the event, your tax-deductible contribution can be sent to HCHIC 4010 Blue Bonnet, Suite 202 Houston, Tx 77025. Individual memberships starting at $100 are available as well as silver ($500), gold ($1000) and platinum ($10,000) Sponsorships. Membership and Sponsorship donations received prior to October 31st will be ‘founding’ memberships. Membership allows voting rights as well as access to internal communications. Current goal: $80,000. 3 year budget goal: $2 million.” All implementation and development products will be FOSS licensed.

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