New OpenEHR Strategic Direction

Thomas Beale, Chair of the openEHR Foundation Architecture Review Board (ARB) has posted a message describing some goals for the coming year.
These include a vision, roadmap and strategies for the architecture and clinical modeling. Read more; for the entire email with links and descriptions.

Dear all,

We have created some new pages describing at a strategic level what the
openEHR Foundation and community might try to do in the current and
next year (20088/9).

These can all be reached from the first page mentioned. They are
connected to the website as follows:

  • The Vision page has a hotlink on the home page and is linked into
    the About Us top-level menu item
  • The Specifications – Strategic directions and Specification
    Roadmap 2008 pages are linked under the Specification Project menu item
  • The Clinical Strategic Directions pages is linked under the
    Clinical Modelling Project menu item

We want the community to feel that this material represents the
community interest, so we are interested in feedback on all of the
material presented. What results from your feedback will result in
changes, bringing these plans closer to describing all our needs. NOTE:
the intention is not to create a “finished” version of these pages, but
a rolling, live set of pages that continuously describe our aims and

Note also that the openEHR Jira server is up and running, and the
specification project can be viewed online at

For the moment, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES on the Jira server –
there is still some configuration to be done, and another project to be
added to allow public issue reporting for the Specification project and
other projects. Once this is done, everyone will be able to raise
issues against any of the projects being carried out on openEHR, as
well as watch progress. We will probably implement Jira voting to
enable the community to help decide on what goes in each release. FOR
NOW, feel free to create a login and browse! (Please use login ids of
the form firstname.lastname unless you already have a login).

– thomas beale

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