HealthCloud CHMED Developer API Public Beta Available

If you have followed our previous posts on an open source medications database ClearHealth you are already aware that we now operate a fully public domain data resource regarding medications for use with our ClearHealth system. We have been struggling with a way to make this available and relevant for a wide audience for use in many applications and have now completed the beginning of that effort. Considerations had to be made taking into account liability and the frequently changing nature of some of the data (daily or even hourly in some cases).

The HealthCloud developer API’s offer a wide range of tools to work programmatically with large and frequently changing medical data sets and have been in a private beta for some time. The first public beta is now available for our CHMED function library which offers access to medications data through REST and AJAX api’s. To use HealthCloud API’s you need a API KEY You can read the specifications post in our forums and we look forward to your feedback and feature requests.

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