OpenEMR Live Launched

OpenEMR HQ announced the official launch of their OpenEMR Live fully hosted EMR solution earlier today in a conference call with developers, employees, and clients. The service, according to their website, removes the headache associated with running an in-house application server and the cost of keeping a full-time IT person on staff. It also reduces compliance issues, eases administrative burden, and provides data monitoring, faster response times, and full disaster recovery service should something go wrong.

OpenEMR HQ CMO, Michael Kesley, said this solution was specifically brought out by the company as part of their ‘EveryClinic’ program which seeks to create OpenEMR products to serve clinics and practices of all sizes regardless of financial constraints or staff availability.

“We believe that OpenEMR Live, will finally allow physicians and clinics with no technical knowledge to effectively implement OpenEMR within their practice without having the added expense of taking on a new, full-time IT person”, Kesley said during the call.

OpenEMR HQ announced the availability of the OpenEMR OpenServer, which provides a fully configured OpenEMR in-house server to clients, early last week and reports that, since the announcement, they’re seeing a sharp rise in the number of clinics contacting them in regards to implementing OpenEMR.

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