Dr. Matthew King testifies about WorldVistA EHR

Dr. Matthew King has testified before congress regarding the Clinica Adelante deployment of WorldVistA EHR. From the testimony:

VistA is the aspirin of EHRs and if it was a drug, every provider would prescribe it. But just like generic aspirin, there are no “drug representatives” or lobbyists to sell it. Its effectiveness is clearly supported in the literature, but administrators don’t have time to read the literature. So they listen to the sales pitch and the lobbyists. In the healthcare industry, that could cost lives. In healthcare, when lives are at stake, I believe we should hold ourselves to the same standard we hold our physicians and use the evidence whenever possible to evaluate and select technology solutions…not advertising or marketing hype. And that is why Clinica Adelante chose VistA EHR.

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