First screenshots from Project Phoenix posted today

OpenEMR HQ announced today that it has posted the first public screenshots of its upcoming software release called Phoenix to a special area of its website specially set up as a resource for those interested in the project. Read more after the break…
According to development lead Mishish Prahkah, Phoenix will be released simultaneously as both a Microsoft Windows based frontend to the popular OpenEMR software system and a standalone, open source, EMR package of its own. This, according to Prahkah, will allow OpenEMR HQ developers the freedom to try new ideas out in their own sandbox before pushing them out to the OpenEMR team (with which they will share code and ideas).

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OS Healthcare Heavyweights Partner For 3rd DOHCS Conference, Call For Papers

The leading companies involved in Open Source Healthcare including ClearHealth, MedSphere (OpenVista), Akaza Research (OpenClinica) and
WebReach (Mirth) have partnered together to deliver the 3rd Annual Demonstrating Open Source Healthcare solutions conference (DOHCS) February 20th, 2009 at the Los Angeles Westin LAX. This event takes place in association with the Southern California Linux Exposition (SCALE) at the same location on the 21st and 22nd. Read on for Call For Papers.

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Google To Launch New Open Source Web Browser “Chrome” Tomorrow

Google’s got it’s own browser now : Google Chrome. It’s more than just an open source browser, it’s more of an application framework.
Chrome is an Open Source browser based on the Open-Source rendering engine WebKit. It has it’s own javascript virtual machine called: V8. It is a multithreaded browser which makes it more of an OS than a browser. It is hard to underestimate the potential of this new framework for all of software computing, let alone Open Source Medical Apps !